Today’s inventors are using crowdfunding to supply the financial foundation that will take their ideas from dreams to a viable and useful product. But getting from desire to reality is not straightforward for scores of entrepreneurs.

The traditional way to raise money for any venture is to seek out lending institutions. But with crowdfunding, which is becoming more popular, inventors are seeking investors interested in supporting their projects.

Uporty, an order fulfillment company, not only caters to the needs of experienced business owners, but supports crowdfunded innovators and creators.

The ideal partner

Uporty is the partner inventors need once they have a campaign, the financing they need, and a developed product. This is the time, the company says, when these entrepreneurs must start making money to repay the financial backers for trusting in the potential of their inventions.

At Uporty, crowdfunded projects get focused help to ensure success. The company works with inventors and creators to design captivating campaigns that attract the attention of potential investors. The company also helps to make sure that the campaign is “clear, concise and convincing.”

Then there is coaching that can help inventors target the right backers and figure out how much money they should request to get the project to market.

“Often, startups run high on creativity and innovation, but they lack the business experience to know the additional overhead costs involved with fulfilling orders and other business expenses,” the company states on its website at “Here’s where you can leverage our expertise to lay out a solid financial plan.”

Standing apart

While other order fulfillment and third-party shipping companies offer help to crowdfunding projects, Uporty sets itself apart.

For example, Shipmonk says on its website that it specializes in backer rewards and fulfilling orders for crowdfunded campaigns. The company uses Kickstarter and Indiegogo and its clients have control of the fulfillment process. The process includes shipping, tracking, notifications, missing inventory, address verification, and shipping options.

Newegg Logistics, which offers fulfillment and 3PL solutions, does not list crowdfunding fulfillment as a service. The company is a web-only electronics retailer, and now offers logistics, customer service and staffing services to other businesses.

Like Newegg Logistics, Red Stag Fulfillment, also does not offer crowdfunding fulfillment. According to its website, Red Stag Fulfillment invests in innovative solutions to reduce the cost of order fulfillment for its customers.

Bells and whistles

In addition to complimentary coaching and mentorship to startups, Uporty provides discounts and access to a host of extras.

Crowdfunded ideas receive access to all the “bells and whistles” the company has, including analytics data, order information, inventory management and tracking system, distributed warehouses, AI-backed supply-demand forecaster, and state-of-the-art decision support systems.

And Uporty specializes in several crowdfunding platforms.

  • GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Kickstarter
  • Groupon and LivingSocial
  • Deal sites
  • Celery Pre-Orders
  • Flash Sales

The company also offers budget-friendly deals to crowdfunded projects. And all fees are transparent.

“We understand how tight things can be as a startup and we want to be by your side this entire journey” Uporty says on its website. “The only expense you need to worry about is the order processing fee for each order we fulfill on your behalf, the rest of the perks are complimentary.”